ZohoCRM Integration with IP telephony Nextel

Nextel for Zoho allows you to receive information on incoming and outcoming calls in the Zoho interface and automatically create call data. Nextel IP telephony flexibly distributes calls between any number of employees and departments, allowing you to save call records and transfers analytics data. The integration allows you to make outgoing calls directly from your Zoho personal account.

To connect the Nextel integration with ZohoCRM, log into your account and click on the «Options» button in the top menu:

Select the «Telephony» menu:

Click on the “Enable Telephony” button:

In your Nextel account select “ZohoCRM” in the “Integration” menu:

Click on the «Install» button:

Sign in to the administrator account in ZohoCRM and select “Accept”:

Next, enable the «Integration» slider in your Nextel account. Using the slider bar, you can enable and disable the integration at any time without data loss.

Using the settings, you can adjust the parameters you need. The “ClickToDial” slider allows clicking to call from ZohoCRM for all users. In order for the data to be transmitted, in the fields below you need to enter the numbers of the operators’ internal lines.

These numbers can be viewed in the «Users» tab in the «Nextel» personal account:

Done, we wish you successful and efficient work! If you have any problems with setting up the integration, please contact Nextel technical support, we will definitely solve your issue.


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